Compliance Tester

Job Objective

Assuring the project meets the 1st party requirements by performing the necessary actions to test and follow-up according to the criteria released by the 1st party manufacturers.

Job Requirements

  • Checks the project meets the 1st party* requirement and reports the status to all stakeholders** at any time during the process
  • Communicates with the QA Team and Lead Tester for all problems related to the project and 1st party requirements
  • Identifies the means to improve his working processes and reduce the testing time
  • Creates compliance test plan that is compatible with the project’s full planning
  • Identifies the software and hardware needed for performing the compliance test as the 1st party require
  • Is responsible for creating the compliance test cases for him and for the QA teams
  • Keeps all compliance and 1st party documents and software updated according to 1st party requirements
  • Is main responsible for the compliance bugs reported by him and by QA Teams
  • Assures the training of new compliance testers and QA Teams for FTCs
  • Is building all compliance reports required by him or by other stakeholders


  • Proficient in working with 1st party hardware and software (performing compliance tasks or FTCs is an advantage)
  • Self-learning, always willing to improve and grow
  • Analytical, disciplined and organized in approaching the tasks
  • Good communication and relational skills
  • Very good English level
  • Multitasking
  • Resistant to pressure and meeting deadlines
  • Resistant to routine and repetitive tasks on different projects
  • Good MS Office skills (or similar software)
  • Leadership skills

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