A day in the life of a QA Tester

By Whyttest Team 2 years ago

Words of wisdom by our one and only, Raul Lica.

Enjoy! 🙂

The story of an alpha tester Vo.1


The day starts with a phone ring and multiple attempts to wake up. It’s hard, we human beings are not made for such task, it feels unnatural to wake up so early.

When one eye is open and it stays like that, I rush for coffee. Next, the coffee is implemented in my body so I get ready and leave for work.

It’s a good idea to have a few prayers before you leave, maybe some sacrifice to the gods of Bucharest public transport, as many challenges lie ahead on the way to work. Broken trams, stuck metro trains, late running trams/ metro trains, bad traffic, crazy crowds & toxic air, they are all enemies on your trip to work.

But hey, even if it rains, snows, nukes fall down, zombie apocalypse is in full effect I still manage to reach my final destination on time, like a well-bred suburban athlete.

Finally at work some more coffee is usually added to my body. As I approach my desk I send a social hail to all my colleagues and we are ready to go. The work will start with a daily stand up where we talk about the upcoming tasks and information that will be needed for our tests.

After that we start our regression in order to verify the issues that have been deemed as fixed by the devs as they sometimes try to trick us into thinking the issues are fixed when they are not, but we know better than this sorcery.

Once the regression is out of the way, the second part of our adventure begins, namely bug hunting in the vast jungle of issues that any project might have. But we need to be careful, many dangers await in this jungle as Jira – the program we use for bug tracking can be very vengeful.

Dupes and NaD’s lay in wait and jump on unsuspecting testers on every step of the way if they’re not careful. But our struggles to survive are rewarded by the 1 o’clock launch break. For us testers it’s the calm eye of the storm or a heavenly oasis in the desert… During this time we can have a nice healthy meal of Coca-Cola, Pepsi or an energy drink, play some games, have some interesting discussions with our colleagues related to religion, politics, peace on earth, hunger, games, games and more games.

Once lunch goes away it’s time to dive again in the abyss, in order to find even the most hidden issues because we must catch them all! The friendly attitude of fellow hunters makes things a lot easier, it’s not unheard of to have at least two random jokes a day that make the entire room laugh even when surrounded by danger.

As you reach 5 o’clock the Time Gods start playing tricks on your mind, you keep looking at the clock knowing you have 1 hour left but the time flows a lot more slower. It’s 5:30, you wait some time, you take a look again at the clock, it’s 5:35. You know you’re caught in a time loop and time no longer flows in its normal way, it’s a lot slower as you get closer to going home.

Ironically when you have some task or daily tracker to complete or you’re overwhelmed with work time will start flowing much faster. Sometimes you go through time so fast that you start praying that you finish in time. And mentioning of prayers, if you survive till the end and the shift ends, you should pray to the Gods of STB and Metrorex again!!.. because you would not want to spend 2-3 hours on the way back home.

As you see, we testers are very religious, we pray a lot in order to survive each day. But even so we still do our work as best as possible to finish the day with a smile on our faces, knowing that it doesn’t matter how hard it gets, we always do our job as best as we can and that’s a reason to be proud of..

And we all lived happily ever after.


The end!


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