At Whyttest we encourage creativity and open-mindedness, qualities that we cherish everyday and can be easily found in the following article written by Andrei S. Kovacs – QA Whyttester.

Andrei will share a few words about his love for lenses and photography, cycling and how he manages to blend these passions in a gaming environment!


Hello, everybody!

My name’s Andrew S. Kovacs [and today, I get the chance to say a few words about me. Please be gentle as this is my first ever time when I write for the open public so it might not be perfect.]

I’m 26, living in Bucharest, in love with photography, bikes, coffee and mountains.

Most of my weekends are spent doing various activities while, during workdays, I’m one of the #whyttesters that checks your game.

My usual day starts early, in the morning. Though waking up, is one of the hardest parts among my daily tasks. Every time I hear the alarm, I’m just slapping it back to sleep in hope that I actually wake up and not WNF this issue.

After I’m awake, the game is on! Check the bike, get a shower – ’cause u smell like a bug – put some clothes on and get out of the house before the bed catches me and submits me to sleep again.

Once outside, after some occasional errands, the race towards the office is on. This is the best part of my weekly mornings, because I get the chance to exercise a little for the weekends and to be honest, there’s a bit of a daredevil inside me that simply loves to outrace a car on my busted bike.

A bit thirsty and in one piece, I arrive to the office, ready for work.

The day passes by fast, thanks to a good team and well-established tasks.

Being a #whyttester is a whole different thing than a normal tester. We are like a big family and because of that, the things that we must do, become so much easier.

Tasks, bug hunting, regression, documents, mails, various project related things and every possible obstacle you can name, are so much easier to overcome when you have friends, instead of bosses and when we simply respect and support each other, whenever we need. Being a #whyttester doesn’t resume to just that. At Whyttest we actually try to help and improve each other’s knowledge, share our skills, methods and our way of thinking so that we are all capable of providing quality services for you because, hey, “quality by default” is our motto!

At the end of the day, I get a bit tired, sure, but the day isn’t over.

I rush back home, change, grab my camera and go in the city for some photos.

If I’m not with my friends or running some errands, you can – most likely – find me out in the city with my camera and a girl, taking cool portraits.

Weekends are also filled with photos, friends, events and a bunch of other stuff.

That’s about it, I think. I can be your #whyttester, your cycling companion or your #photographer, although, I can’t cycle while snapping photos and running JIRA. It’s a WIP, until next time!

Oh! I almost forgot: a lot of people ask me “why are you a tester”? Well, photography and testing have a thing in common: the eyes! Testing a game basically means you have to look for things that are not ok, things that are wrong and the same goes for photography. You need to look for the “bugs” and get rid of them.  Basically, I’m training my eyes around the clock, paying attention to details, whether it’s an issue or a pixel.

If you want to find out more about me as a photographer, you can find me on Instagram, at @jumadepixel.

If you want to learn about Whyttest and our mission in the game industry, go check our website:



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