By Andrei Socherel

Andrei had the pleasure to attend a hands-on Agile Workshop and expand his software knowledge in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, Paris.

Find out more about his experience & learning process down below, but first some context. ➡️


A short introduction to Agile Methodology

Agile is a process that helps teams provide quick and unpredictable responses to the feedback they receive on their project. It creates opportunities to assess a project’s direction during the development cycle. Teams assess the project in regular meetings called sprints or iterations.

An agile is a very empowering process that helps companies design and build the right product. The management process is very beneficial for software companies because it helps them analyze and improve their product throughout its development. This enables companies to produce a highly valuable product so they stay competitive in the market.


D A Y 1:

We started the workshop by a meet-and-greet with the whole DM team, NCSA, EMEA, and IT.
After that, the theoretical part workshop started. The coach presented the what, why and how of the Scrum process and the teams discussed how to integrate that in our workflows. Questions were raised and answered. During the evening I’ve convinced two of my Canadian developers to grab a wine bottle and head out to the Eiffel tower. There we sat right in from of the tower on the lawn together with what seemed like every student in Paris. The bottles of wine became empty as the final drop of wine disappeared right as the Eiffel tower lit up late in the night sky.

D A Y 2:

The following day we put into practice all that we have learned by using LEGO’s. Yes, LEGO’s, the colorful bricks became our abstractization of software code. We divided the 35 people into Scrum teams containing PO, Scum Masters, Dev teams. And proceeded to scope out and build an entire LEGO city as per the BO’s instructions. Chaos ensued but, in the end, the city was built, complete with hospitals, a river, a city hall, school, transportation and drive through cinema. The whole ordeal was a magnificent fun for everybody as spirits heated in tough arguments about “What does a floor mean? Is it two bricks high, or just one???”

D A Y 3:

All 35 of us split off into different meetings regarding specific development topics, ranging from budget planning to upcoming projects. And of course, this day is the big party day in which we all went out to a restaurant, drank wine and got to really know each other. Everybody had an amazing night. Passions, hobbies and musical tastes were debated heavily, and cigarette smoke encased the restaurant’s façade in an opaque grey shell.

D A Y 4:

Meetings continued with developing a proper long-term roadmap for all our Digital Marketing products. Including new game sites, new game pages, further customization of the CMS system. New roles and positions are being defined and recruitment has started for them.

D A Y 5:

In the last day we put together the Sprint planning for the next two weeks, completed with estimations and velocity calculations. The day ended early and we all went to a street festival to have one last drink together before each of us went back to his corner of the world.

As an end note, here is my perspective on experiencing Paris as a city.

The atmosphere of Paris gave me a strong feeling of freedom, but not the freedom I expected to feel.

I felt a freedom that manifests itself in a weird way, in a way that feels like no one truly belongs in Paris. The city is so packed and filled with so many different people of different origins and cultures that the city feels like a massive hub, like a place of transition not a place where one can settle in. Paris is everybody’s city but at the same time it’s no one’s. Living in such a city, makes you feel free in a bizarre sense that you can do as you please because nobody is really paying attention to you.

Once checked in at the hotel I took the street by foot to get to know the neighborhood and its people.
I’ve found that each sidewalk and street corner presented itself like an episodic drama of someone’s life. Everything from engaging interactions, arguments, laughter and smiles happened all at the same time for each step I took deeper into the city center.

I could go on and on about each detail I’ve experienced but I’ll stop here.

Thank you for reading


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