Why should you apply at Whyttest?

here, hard work is also repaid with meal tickets, fresh fruits, tea & coffee

Relaxation Room

ping-pong table, board games and consoles for our hardcore gamers

Individual Training Budget

we care very much about the professional as well as personal development of our people, so trainings are offered to our hard-working team members

Frequent development opportunities

Whyttest is a place full of opportunities to level up in your career, even faster than you’d think

Annual bonuses

10% of the company’s revenue given based on one’s achievements!

Social Events

at Whyttest, we have lots of engaging events, like team buildings, Happy Fridays, internal championships etc.

All jobs at Whyttest are full, daytime jobs.
Please note that the application needs to be sent in English.
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Job Objective

Assuring the project meets the estabilished level of quality through various activities such as: smoke checks, regression testing, multiplayer sessions, compatibility testing etc.

Job Requirements

  • Good communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Good written communication skills in English
  • Ability to learn and to self-organize
  • Ability to perform well within a team
  • Good knowledge of Microsoft Office
  • Patience, curiosity, creativity and a detail orientated mindset
  • Videogame knowledge (console experience is a plus)
  • Previous work experience is a plus but not a condition for hiring


  • Functionality,  Explorative, Usability, Sanity and Regression Testing at the company’s or the client’s location (Bucharest).
  • Check if the applications meet the requirements that guided their design and development
  • Find and analyze issues in the tested applications in order to discover their root causes
  • Report issues in a specified database in a clear and concise manner
  • Create documents and test cases for own and team use in order to keep track of the application’s test coverage


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Job Objective

As a software tester, you’ll play an important role in the development of new IT programs. Once a project reaches a certain stage of development, it’s your role to ensure it works exactly as it should. This role will give you the opportunity to work within a particular industry that interests you, as computer programs are an integral part of many businesses, including automotive, gaming and consumer electronics.

Job Requirements

Whilst working as a software tester, it’s important for you to provide tactful, insightful feedback to maintain a good working relationship with other members of the design team. Additionally, employers will be looking for the following qualities:

  • A good understanding of the software development process
  • A understanding of business
  • Good writing skills (for documenting the process)
  • Good communications and consultancy skills
  • Good presentation skills
  • The ability to work under pressure and to tight deadlines

Entry Requirements:

As there aren’t many courses that focus specifically on software testing, the best way to become a software tester is to gain a level of software development experience. This can either from straight from university or from a previous job or with our awesome trainings.Our clients will expect you to have excellent technical knowledge of as many programming languages and platforms as possible, and to have a good understanding of the software testing lifecycle.


The training you need will depend on the technical products you are testing, and where you want to take your career in the future.


  • A Software Tester is responsible for designing testing scenarios for usability testing.
  • He is responsible for conducting the testing, thereafter analyze the results and then submit his observations to the development team.
  • He may have to interact with the clients to better understand the product requirements or in case the design requires any kind of modifications.
  • Software Testers are often responsible for creating test-product documentation and also has to participate in testing related walk through.
  • Creation of test designs, test processes, test cases and test data.
  • Carry out testing as per the defined procedures.
  • Participate in walkthroughs of testing procedures.
  • Prepare all reports related to software testing carried out.
  • Ensure that all tested related work is carried out as per the defined standards and procedures.


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Job Objective

Assuring the project meets the 1st party requirements by performing the necessary actions to test and follow-up according to the criteria released by the 1st party manufacturers.

Job Requirements

  • Checks the project meets the 1st party* requirement and reports the status to all stakeholders** at any time during the process
  • Communicates with the QA Team and Lead Tester for all problems related to the project and 1st party requirements
  • Identifies the means to improve his working processes and reduce the testing time
  • Creates compliance test plan that is compatible with the project’s full planning
  • Identifies the software and hardware needed for performing the compliance test as the 1st party require
  • Is responsible for creating the compliance test cases for him and for the QA teams
  • Keeps all compliance and 1st party documents and software updated according to 1st party requirements
  • Is main responsible for the compliance bugs reported by him and by QA Teams
  • Assures the training of new compliance testers and QA Teams for FTCs
  • Is building all compliance reports required by him or by other stakeholders


  • Proficient in working with 1st party hardware and software (performing compliance tasks or FTCs is an advantage)
  • Self-learning, always willing to improve and grow
  • Analytical, disciplined and organized in approaching the tasks
  • Good communication and relational skills
  • Very good English level
  • Multitasking
  • Resistant to pressure and meeting deadlines
  • Resistant to routine and repetitive tasks on different projects
  • Good MS Office skills (or similar software)
  • Leadership skills


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Job Objective

Your mission will be to offer high quality assistance to online communities of players. You’ll meet the high expectations of both the players and the development teams and promote a player centryc attitude.

Job Requirements

  • Written and spoken fluency in English.
  • Patience. Has the ability to explain mechanics and situations several times when necessary; Is able to understand and overcome the language barrier.
  • Empathy and customer oriented attitude:  Interacts with others in a tactful manner; Understands the player’s perspective; Treats others with respect and consideration regardless of their status or position; Accepts responsibility for own actions; Follows through on commitments.
  • Experience working in player/customer support is preferable but not mandatory.
  • Passion for games.  Experience with online communities is a plus.


  • Responding to tickets, creating a player-to-player experience.
  • Maintaining low response times as defined by internal and external standards.
  • Providing personalized responses wherever desirable.
  • Providing updates on queue health, identifying, communicating and resolving ticket spikes and common issues.
  • Representing the work of our partners to our players and providing best player experience.
  • Working closely with the development team, to maintain strong communication channels with all involved parties.

Please upload your CV in English. (PDF, DOC or TXT format.)
Please upload your CV in English. (PDF, DOC or TXT format.)
Please upload your CV in English. (PDF, DOC or TXT format.)
Please upload your CV in English. (PDF, DOC or TXT format.)