Lead Tester

Job Objective

The Lead Tester Hero is that person who coordinates the testing process for a project, in order to meet the quality, budget and timeline constraints, by planning and implementing efficient work methods.

Job Requirements

  • 2+ years of experience in coordinating QC Teams.
  • Good people skills, oriented towards the needs of the team.
  • Highly autonomous with a problem solver mindset.
  • Analytical and organized in approaching the project and the tasks at macro-level.
  • Experience in dealing with tight deadlines and pressure.
  • Proficient with the MS Office Pack.
  • Experience with Jira or a similar database.
  • Knowledge of different gaming platforms (Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo) is a plus.


  • Able to create an efficient test plan, that thoroughly covers the needs and the specifics of the project. Together with the team, makes sure the test plan is updated and followed upon.
  • Can build around him an efficient and motivated team, leading by own example and providing timely feedback and support. Acts as a mentor, is able to give constructive feedback, can efficiently organise a meeting.
  • Develops and maintains strong relationships with external partners.
  • Can raise flags and provide solutions related to the project or the team, when the situation requires it.
  • Manages the allocation of resources (testers and tested hours) for an optimum flow of the project.
  • Handles validations and reports, related to different milestones of the project.

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