• Customer Support

    We go beyond basic Player Support to help create accurate and high-quality assistance to your players.



We go beyond basic Player Support to help create accurate and high-quality assistance to your players.


Our team not only knows how to respond to tickets, but most importantly, how to create a player to player experience.


Maintaining a quick response time, as defined by our partners and their needs.


We provide personalized responses wherever desirable, as most of our team members are players themselves.

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Working closely with the developers and other departments means our team knows how to maintain a strong and clear communication with all the people involved.

Representing YOU

We know that we are part of your company image too, so one of our goals is to maintain it, while we provide the best player experience.


All our teams have exceptional written and verbal communication skills.


Every Customer Support member must understand our partner’s culture/spirit, in order to communicate this through his interaction with the players.


Interactions with others are made in a tactful manner, showing respect and consideration, regardless of the status or position.


We demonstrate accuracy and thoroughness. We give feedback, as well as apply the received feedback in order to constantly improve and find the best course of action.


Treat people with respect, keep commitments while showing empathy for players who find themselves in unpleasant situations.


Explaining mechanics and situations several times when necessary and being able to do so by understanding and overcoming the language barrier.


We can't create a proper player to player experience without the right tools. Some of our most used ones are:

Fresh Desk
An essential customer support software for automation and collaboration.


HeidiSQL is a client tool used by web developers for working with MySQL Server, Microsoft SQL databases and PostgreSQL.