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I started to work for an IT company in 2001. Back then, there were few It companies, the market was still young but with a lot of potential. In the last 15 years things have changed and that potential was explored by a lot of companies that opened offices in Romania. Different companies, different cultures, different people, different expectations.

Working for the last 14 years in IT, I managed to know most of these companies so I tried to group them in several categories considering: packages and benefits, people opportunities, business model and management. Here are the 7 types of companies identified:

Dream Company

Is the company that delivers high quality products that influence a lot of people. Its reputation is really high and everyone would like to be part of that winning team. Apart from the high salaries and benefits, this company’s culture is to grow people, to let them express creatively, encourages team work and the best people reach the management positions. It’s the perfect company to work for and people enjoy working together.

“Only-a-Job” Company

is the company that offers huge packages comparing to the market but does not offer growing opportunities or does not encourage team spirit or people development. People cannot get the same packages anywhere else so they prefer to stay and detach themselves emotionally from the goals of the company. They provide medium added value and expect the same from other colleagues. As far as the company is concerned, people are assets that can be easily replaced. This is a good company if someone prefers a stable, non-stressful company with stable, routine tasks.

“Cash-cow” Company

Is the company that had a major success recently, has a lot of cash to spend and tries to attract the best employees from the market. This company wants to grow really fast to become a Dream company but doesn’t have the structure, the management or the right people in the right places yet. This company offers high packages and is the best place to be when money are spent. Some Cash-Cow companies become Dream, sustainable companies, some fall really hard.

“Flat” Company

is the company that is average from all points of view. Average package, average people, average opportunities and average management (Even the team buildings are average). This company might not resist too much on the market as it is not capable to adapt changes. This is an average company to work for if you are an average person or have average expectations.

“Good ol’ Days” Company

is the company that has a really small profit margin or is a start-up, so doesn’t afford to spend. The package is the same as the market, even lower, but they try to compensate by a flat hierarchical pyramid, great atmosphere and focus on people development. This type of company is usually hiring students or juniors, grow them and let them go when they become expensive or too high potentials to keep. This is a great company to grow and usually people think melancholically about it.

“End-of-the-World” Company

is the nightmare company where the boss is a slave driver. He considers himself almighty and people, slaves. With some luck, the company can reach mediocrity but it won’t last. People hate their managers and hate each other. They even hate their lives or themselves. This is not company to work for and people should stay away from it, someone might bring a gun to work someday.

“Dead-End” Company

is the company that does not offer high packages or opportunities. More than that, someone working for this company has very low perspectives to be hired somewhere else. People do not learn too much or learn the wrong things, even if they might consider themselves experts. This company does not treasure people and has a big people turnover because of bad leadership and low salaries. This is not a company to work for as this company will put a stop to your career.
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