Interview with Marius Schlosser – Quality Assurance Tester

By Whyttest Team 2 years ago

In October we had the privilege to upgrade our personal experience, courtesy of Marius Potirniche and his mind opening training about Leadership. Since many Whyttesters participated, we were curious about their feedback and the overall impression.

That’s why Marius Schlosser (Quality Assurance Tester @Whyttest) will answer some questions in the following interview and I hope you’ll enjoy the result!


A.: Hi, Marius! Glad that you accepted my invitation, please tell me a bit about yourself!

Marius Schlosser: Hi there, Marius Schlosser here. You probably know me already because I joined this wonderful family almost a year ago!

I am a big Harry Potter fan, I still wait for my Hogwarts letter, I still blame Voldemort for wiping out all Ministry’s records of muggle-born wizards and witches born from 1985 to 1998.

I love my job and I’m usually happy and very confident about myself. I enjoy going on long walks alone, just me and the music. Coordinating my team is the thing I like most, and I hope this will help them understand more clearly and easily the wonderful world of our job.

A.: Why did you register for this training?

Marius Schlosser: First thing first, I think we all need to do a course like this in our lifetime. It can really help you in your day to day lives too, not only at work. Second, the course really helps me to see other parts of our testing “world” and how to easily manage situations that maybe I didn’t even think about before this course.

The last and most important, this course will and has helped me a lot since I took it.

A.: What topic had the biggest impact on you?

Marius Schlosser: It’s hard to choose only one. For me, every single topic had some kind of impact. I found myself questioning everything and anything (in a good way ofc) and it really opened some doors and new ways of thinking that I think will help me greatly.

A.: How do you plan to apply what you learned?

Marius Schlosser: With easy steps, haha. Jokes aside I already put in practice some things and I’m sure that it will improve my “leadership”, beginning with the communication skills to getting out of my “bubble” and do things that I never did. That way I will get out of my comfort zone and try to get it larger and larger, so I can easily get over tough situations.

A.: What can you tell me about the trainer?

Marius Schlosser: I think Marius is the best teacher I ever had. He made everything so simple to understand, giving us little stories and examples of real-life situations that made us understand everything way easier. Thank you, Marius, for this beautiful training and I can’t wait for a sequel.

A.: How do you think you can influence people and how do you perceive a good leader?

Marius Schlosser: I will answer both questions in one answer. A good leader is that person that can easily talk and understand the people around him, the person that has a good spirit and it’s always there when his people need him. A good leader is the person that has a great imagination, that can overcome tough situations found on a daily basics. A good leader is the person that can get out of his comfort zone and make his team shine the most, because sharing is caring, and people really appreciate when they feel helped and noticed for doing a great job.  That’s what I want to be and already working on it.

A.: Do you recommend the course?

Marius Schlosser: A straight forward answer: YES!

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