Delivering an AAA bug-free experience is our standard.

Our testers are equipped with all the necessary skills in order to deliver a quality bug-free product. Some of our used testing methodologies are:
  • Functionality – or commonly called, “game testing” is the main type of testing used when checking a software product. This type of testing looks for problems within the game itself, such as game mechanic issues, game asset issues etc.
  • Compliance – as every first-party console vendor has strict requirements for all titles that are to be licensed for their platforms, we use the official rule lists (Sony TRC, Microsoft XR and Nintendo Lotcheck) so that the product does indeed respect the technical guidelines.
  • Compatibility – we offer various PC configurations with some of the latest hardware on market, so that your title will ensure maximum performance and compatibility
  • Localization – ensures that the localized version of the title is flawless and that the feel of the game is as close as to the source-language version.
  • BETA – a form of user acceptance testing, BETA testing checks the software during the BETA stage, near the end of development.
  • Regression – our testers always pay maximum attention so that the submitted fixes for bugs are working properly and have not caused more defects in other areas
  • Multiplayer – our multiplayer teams always make sure that a great online experience can be delivered without desynchronizations between the players, making sure to check that all connectivity methods (LAN, WI-FI, Modem) do not pose any problems and that each player has a fair chance of winning.
Having access to the latest PC hardware and newest Console devkits is a must when it comes to testing.

All supported Windows versions

Latest NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards

Latest AMD and Intel processors

480p/720p/1080p/1440p/2160p screens to ensure maximum compatibility

Xbox One

Xbox One S


PS4 Pro

Nintendo Switch