Small History of Testing

By Whyttest Team 3 years ago

In preparation for Gamescom 2018, a Small History of Testing

There is no surprise that video games and testing are the subjects we love the most to talk about among ourselves, but also to others. Especially these days. What’s so special about this time of the year? Well … Gamescom 2018, of course!

It’s a lot of hard work getting everything ready, but we can’t neglect what we love most –  talking and also writing about testing video games.

This time, Marius Potirniche, the founder of Whyttest wrote a very interesting article about how testing used to be done not so long ago. The changes are amazing! From the versions being sent to the testing team by mail, to sending the recordings of walkthroughs on actual videotapes.

You can find all the details by reading Marius’ article.

More stories like this, how we do things now and why our motto is: “Quality by default” you can find out by booking a meeting with Marius at Gamescom 2018!

See you there!

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