So You Wanna Be A Game Tester..

L’enfant terrible or the walking energy drink that goes by the name of <<MOJO>> decided to share some words of wisdom & his QA experience at Whyttest.

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It may be passion, curiosity, learning something new, upgrading your brain’s SSD or simply put: you want to be a Game Tester.

Games are everywhere now and everyone plays them. But you know that, you have played them. But now you want to help the games you love to play. Driven by passion, you do it involuntarily. Every person that is passionate about gaming finds issues, bugs, exploits (“clever use of game mechanics”). Some see it naturally, others develop it over time. That passion, the curiosity about how games work behind the 4k textures, makes you want to help offer the quality. That desire for quality brings game testers and game developers together.

To be able to offer that quality, you need to create that quality. As a game tester you want to be able to create the best testing environment during projects to achieve the best results.

You may have or not have already a basic experience with video games: understand genres of games, know how it feels and what makes a good video game, you pick any type of controller and you’re good to go on any difficulty. The skills and abilities that helped you become a badass at video games will also help you be a badass in game testing to a certain degree. Don’t worry, knowing video games is just a perk, everyone can grind it out in the end.

You already may be a team leader, a Guild Master, a Raid Leader or a simple peon, still mining or carrying that wood. But you will do your part because game testing is a team co-op game. Your effort, dedication, knowledge and skill set will help build and create the quality in the end.

Veteran player or newbie with a shotgun, you find yourself with a plethora of weapons of choice, raging from the latest consoles and phones, to your trusty gaming PC, a couple of monitors and a chew off controller or mouse that doesn’t fell right still.

You greet your team every day and you get debriefed by a funny looking dude. You get a mail, unfortunately you didn’t win that prize money today, but you get your task for your workday. You plan it out as a team, by the documents provided or created. You are ready to go and start the grind. You may be the 1st one to break the ice by submitting the first issues of the day or you help your fellow colleague investigate and have him submit his 1st ever issue. You may coordinate a small team of fellow colleagues with a testing request or handle a rigorous task by yourself at your project leader’s request.

You are responsible to find problems that every gaming project may encounter during its development. You will have to relate these problems to developers in the best way and manners you can, making use of your communication skills. You will have the chance to create and offer at the end of the day that quality for the games we love to play.

At the end of the day, you make sure that all has been properly documented, requests are done, tasks are finished and you send out the daily work day report. You call it a day and get ready for the next one.

You are Quality Assurance.

“See You Space Cowboy..”

Liviu ‘’Mojo’’ Popa

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