Mission Statement

Helping, by any means, the development team reach the release date by ensuring that the application meets the required quality standards at any point during the development process.

Why choose us?  


We shape true consultants. Beside the technical skills, through our internal trainings, our testers develop their leadership and soft skills, making them able to work autonomously, have time management skills, and always be proficient in sharing their knowledge with others.


Every whyttester is passionate about testing, works hard to deliver the best results and desires to constantly learn new things.


We know that every individual or company is unique. We treasure diversity by offering flexible solutions for clients, tailored to fit their needs and diverse career paths for our consultants.

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We treasure open communication and an organized way of working. Through the multitude of communication channels and deliverables received, our clients are always in control and up to date with the status of the project.


We think outside the box, we never give up and we try to tackle every situation from different angles.


In the fast-paced IT world, new technologies appear frequently. To keep the pace with all the new trends, we offer inhouse training sessions. We strive to plant in the heart of every whyttester the desire of self-improvement.

So how do we do it?

Because we know every client is unique and software testing needs differ from a company to another, we offer flexible business models.

Time & Material

Dedicated Teams

Fixed Costs

All our clients, regardless of what type of collaboration they choose, have the following benefits

QA Consultancy





Transparency through deliverables





Flexible staffing








Security and Confidentiality









Whyttest Staffing

Our whyttesters work from the client’s HQ, as part of the internal QA team.

If the client prefers that our consultants work at his office (only for Bucharest based clients), we can deliver well trained professionals and thus diminishing the time and costs related to recruitment and trainings.

Collaboration type: Time & Material (T&M)

(*currently available only for clients based in Bucharest).




Whyttest TaaS (Testing as a Service)

Our consultants work from Whyttest’s HQ, integrated in the client’s team, or as a separate one (Dedicated Testing Team).

Pilot project – because we know the importance of QA in the software development process, we know that choosing a software testing partner may be a difficult task. We offer our clients the opportunity to take us for a test through a pilot project.

Dedicated Testing Team – If the client wants a dedicated team, we can help by establishing it at Whyttest HQ. All our specialists know to position themselves as a partner to the development team.


Other facts about Whyttest

Did you know that?

Since 2016, when the Software Testing Department was established, our turnover rate is 0%.

Our focus is on the continuous development of our testers. We think it is important that whyttesters acquire both soft and technical skills, and constantly learn new technologies to stay up to date with the fast paced technology world.

We have a great pipeline of junior software testers and we believe in potential! This year alone, more than 30 testing enthusiasts successfully graduated from our “Introduction to Software Testing Training”.

Whyttesters have different skill sets: our manual testers know SQL, HTML, CSS; Automation Testers additionally know one or multiple of the following scripting or programing languages: Python, JavaScript, C#, Java!