Why is testing necessary?

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Everyday, the market of software and games is flooded with new products. From the most trivial ones, to some of the most complex and trully useful. But how can a product differentiate itself from others of the same kind?

One very good answer is: QUALITY. And the best way to achieve quality is to test the product and make sure that the user’s experience is not affected by any type of flaws.

In many cases, the software that is being released is based on the Unit tests done by developers, and seen as a sufficient measure. However, this is only the first level of testing. The product is yet to undergo module test, functionality test, stress tests, etc. But the main point is, a software that is about to be released MUST be tested by a team that did not develop it. This will ensure that all aspects of the software are checked, including if the software does what it was designed to do and how it behaves under certain circumstances.

Even though testers are doing their best to crash or „break” a game or software, they work for the benefit of the product, the final goal being to improve its quality. They try to think as different types of end users and stress the game as best as they can.

Many bugs that are found during the test phase can be used as a feature improvement. In this situation, testers are innovators, innovation being an important aspect of a product, especially when a company is looking to release a new version of their product; which means generating more money, thus an asset to the company.

Testing & QA have become an essential part of the success of every project. Any human-made software or program is bound to have at least a few flaws, so the bigger the team that is searching for them, the better. And if at least a part of this team consists of professional „bug hunters” – people that are trained to think in a certain way and know where, when and how to look, the better.



If you are a hardcore gamer or even a casual one, you know how frustrating it is to encounter bugs. They ruin the experience and can even end in uninstalling the game or deciding not to buy games from the same publisher in the future.

From a customer’s point of view, encountering bugs, and of course depending on their severity, may be a sign that the publisher of the game was not concerned about the quality of the product they released and did not respect the customer enough. This situation may lead to losing customers and money. Thus, the need for game testers emerges.

A game tester is someone who works for video games production companies. Passion about games, attention to details, and orientation towards QUALITY are some traits a good game tester must have. The perks of this domain are that you get to be among the first to play many games, use various new gadgets, combine passion for gaming with an actual job, start a career in a really interesting domain and work in a great environment, alongside people that share your interests.

Even though testing video games may seem easy at a first glance, it is in fact a complex process, that can start from a Pre-Alpha stage, dealing with a lot of crashes, where cinematics are sketches, low FPS, basically a lot of bugs that are logged using a Bug Management tool.

Bugs are Fixed from version to version, stage by stage until the game reaches the Final Stage and everything is implemented and works as designed.

Without testers, bugs and glitches would abound in games, possibly making them unplayable and destroying the reputation of the development studio and/or the publisher.

Testers are needed for every platform: PC, Consoles (Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo), Mobile and any genre: role playing games, massively multiplayer online games, action games, etc…



In our day to day life we use software for work or leisure. Depending on the activities we do, we can use a multitude of devices and apps. Just try to imagine what the world would be like if the software we use would jam and freeze, have a random behaviour, or do something totally different than expected.

In the „Internet of Things” era, even though no software can be 100% bug free, everything has a soft, or tends to have one; personal computers, smartphones, tablets, the coffee machine, cars, trains, planes, and so on.

Here comes the necessity for good software testers.

Software Testing is the process of verifying a computer system/program, in order to decide whether it meets the specified requirements and produces the desired results.

Aside from passion, testers should possess analytical skills, communication skills, time management and organizational skills, but also technical skills. They are the type of people that get excited when they find flaws, but that’s only because that’s the way they can put their mark on the project and know that they are actually helping the development team make a better product that will make a lot of end-users happy.

At the end, testing software or video games, as testers, we have the same goal that needs to be reached – Quality of the tested product!

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