Whyttest + AIESEC = Global Entrepreneur Part II

By Whyttest Team 3 years ago

Whyttest + AIESEC = Global Entrepreneur Part II

As we promised, we are back with some impressions about Whyttest from one of the participants in the Global Entrepreneur Program at Whyttest.

Svetlana Balzitova is her name and she was so nice to take a bit of her time and tell us what determined her to enroll in the Global Entrepreneur program.

“My name is Svetlana and I came to Bucharest from Russia for an internship in a software and game testing company, called Whyttest. I decided to make a twist in my career and enter the IT field with an educational internship. Whyttest offered me what I wanted and accepted me as an apprentice!”

She also shared her opinion about the selection process.

“From the first minute of our communication, I realized that I am dealing with professionals: the selection process was smooth, fast and satisfying. I underwent three stages of tests, received timely feedback and was ready to begin my journey in three weeks, including the visa preparation (luckily the company assisted me with all the required documents).”

Finally, Svetlana shared her thoughts about our company, now that she had a chance to work here and get to know us.

“Now I have a job description that perfectly corresponds to what I was promised. I receive a proper feedback every week, which is also shared with guys from AIESEC, in order to track the leadership development. I have a mentor and wonderful and caring team to share knowledge with. Furthermore, Whyttest is ready to provide all kinds of trainings and learning materials if you show the desire to learn. Somehow the office atmosphere combines recreational facilities and professional support, so I feel comfortable at work and even want to go there at 9 am!

Here I am surrounded by people from all over the world, which makes me happy and inspired.”


Thank you very much, Svetlana, for the kind words and the contribution you brought these past three months! We wish you success and the best of luck in achieving your goals!

Anca Dogar – Business Developer @ Whyttest

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