Whyttest + AIESEC = Global Entrepreneur Part III

By Whyttest Team 3 years ago

Whyttest + AIESEC = Global Entrepreneur Part III

We are back with feedback about Whyttest from another participant in the Global Entrepreneur Program.

Lefteris Davros, the very first international student that came in our company through the program, told us a couple of things about his experience at Whyttest:

“I am Lefteris and I am 23 years old. I am from Greece and for 3 months I have decided to travel to Romania and work as an intern (in game testing) at Whyttest. I came in contact with the company through AIESEC and combined Global Entrepreneur with Erasmus.

Overall it has been a great experience for me. Working in a company such as Whyttest was beneficial for me since I had the opportunity to improve most of my soft skills (efficient teamwork, social skills, willingness to take responsibilities, efficient communication etc…) which I consider very useful since they can be utilized everywhere.

My colleagues were great, and I had such a wonderful time while combining everyday work with fun and excitement! Also, we were all treated with respect by Whyttest and were provided with enough benefits that increased our motivation (massage sessions, happy Fridays, Whyttest internal competitions etc…).

I am very happy that I made this choice since the reason that I chose Whyttest was based solely on the interview and I had never been to Romania before. In the end, both the country and the company exceeded my expectations, and they had a very positive impact on me. I hope the experience was beneficial for Whyttest as well, and if I ever decide to move to Romania I hope I can be a “Whyttester” again!”

We would like to thank you, Lefteris, for the great energy you brought every day! We’ll keep in touch, and if you decide to move to Romania, our door will be always open for you, as you are and always will be a whyttester!

We wish you to hold on to that infectious smile that you have going on and success in the career you choose! Kudos!

Anca Dogar – Business Developer @ Whyttest

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