Whyttest + AIESEC = Global Entrepreneur

By Whyttest Team 3 years ago

Whyttest + AIESEC = Global Entrepreneur

The human mind is designed to associate notions, to unconsciously make pairs. Thinking of one, is a trigger to think about the other, for example “love” and “marriage”, “salt” and “pepper”, “Bonnie” and “Clyde” and so on. This happened naturally for us and now, after 3 months since the first students from AIESEC joined Whyttest through the Global Entrepreneur Program, we think of them as true whyttesters, and feel like they have been among us for years.

Maybe you will ask “How is this association possible?”.

The answer is not as complicated as you might think. It all started with the Global Entrepreneur – an internship experience within a startup where young people can explore, learn and contribute to the entrepreneurial world. Our colleague and Business Developer – Cristina Bragarea, thought it would be a great idea to get to know other cultures and she couldn’t find a better way than this.

Whyttest is a video games and software testing company and AIESEC is a youth-led organization focused to empower young people, so they can make a positive impact on society. At Whyttest, we give chances to a lot of young people. Most of them come to us without a previous job experience and through trainings, mentorship programs and guidance, we help them turn a passion for games into a career. We want to make the gaming world a better place by offering quality testing services, by ensuring that the games and web apps that go on the market will run smoothly and as designed.

Besides the similar goal we possess, we have similar values that we live by:

Passion – All whyttesters have a passion for testing. They work hard to deliver the best results and desire to constantly learn new things.


Flexibility – We know that every individual or company is unique. We treasure diversity.


Adaptability – We think outside the box, we never give up and we try to tackle every situation from different angles.


Transparency – We treasure open communication and an organized way of working.


Leadership – We shape true consultants. Beside the technical skills, through our internal trainings our employees develop their leadership and soft skills, making them able to work autonomous, to have time management skills, to become familiar with the project quickly, to be proficient and always to share their knowledge with others.


Growth – In the fast-paced IT world, new technologies appear frequently. To keep the pace with all the new trends, we offer inhouse training sessions. We strive to plant in the heart of every whyttester the desire of self-improvement.


We were glad to see that our new colleagues shared our values.

What did we gain through Global Entrepreneur?

We think the benefits were many. For 3 months we got three new whyttesters among us: Svetlana (Russia), Lefteris (Greece) and Emre (Turkey). We got to know each other’s cultures, they got to experience what is like to be a video game tester, we got better English communication skills and we had a lot of fun, so much fun that we would like to do it again.

Stay tuned, soon we will post 2 articles written by Svetlana and Lefteris, presenting the Global Entrepreneur experience from their point of view.


Anca Dogar – Business Developer @ Whyttest

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