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By Whyttest Team 9 months ago

Achievement unlocked!

The time has finally come to share with the world one of our greatest achievements so far – we joined a world leading QA & Localization company and we are officially now part of the Testronic Group!

Yes, Testronic, as in the company that manages to grab a big chunk of industry awards every year and has more than 20 years’ experience in delivering a wide range of services like Quality Assurance, Localisation, Compliance, Certification, Compatibility and Customer Support for games, TV & Film. 

Whyttest’s offices from Romania and Serbia will appear on Testronic’s map alongside those in UK, Poland and US and we can’t be more thrilled to have found a partner with such an impressive background that also shares the same values and vision as us.

During the past 6 years we managed to overcome small and big challenges, to expand, to constantly improve and add new services. Most importantly, we slowly grew as a family, learned a lot of new things, developed ourselves professionally and found out how much we love this side of the industry – slightly “buggy” but fun, nonetheless. We managed to attract a lot of mindlike people into our family and the quality of our services is the result of our whyttesters’ passion and love for what they do each day.

We worked with all types of game development studios, from really small ones to some of the biggest publishers. Some love us, some slightly hate us (it’s not that hard to hate someone that finds only defects in your beloved projects, let’s face it …), but in the process, we had a lot of fun exploring this face of video games. So we would also like to thank our partners for the trust they put in us during the years and to assure them that this change only means more good news and improvements!

We are looking forward to keep sharing with you the upcoming changes as we proudly join forces with Testronic’s bigger family, together becoming an even bigger force in the industry! 

To be continued …

For more information, please contact:

Cristina Bragarea – Business Development Manager – [email protected]

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