Whyttest + AIESEC = Global Entrepreneur Part IV

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 W H Y T T E S T  &  A I E S E C 

It’s no surprise that we gladly continue our fruitful collab! But let me introduce you to their noble fundamentals, present you their milestones and how AIESEC is echoing worldwide


AIESEC was founded after the Second World War by a group of young people from Europe (Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Netherlands, Norway and Sweden). The fundamentals were shaped by the social, economic and political climate of the time.

Since then, the world has been changing faster than ever before and it’s obvious that young people hold the key to a better future and they must learn to adapt quickly and solve problems. This is why AIESEC strives for Peace & Fulfilment of Humankind’s Potential.

AIESEC is a global, independent, non-political, not-for-profit youth-run organization. AIESEC does not discriminate on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, disabilities, creed or religion, nor on the basis of national, ethnic or social origin.

AIESEC in Romania is part of the largest youth-run organization in the world. Present in 125 countries, AIESEC has enabled young people to live life-changing experiences by offering international opportunities to students. In Romania is present in 14 cities around the country and has a history of 28 years of activating leadership among young people. In the world, AIESEC exists since 1948.

Global Entrepreneur Program also means Accelerate – an initiative that aims to boost economic growth in start-ups and small enterprises in Romania through international aspiring entrepreneurs.


That being said, Denisa Usurelu (Vicepresident of Incoming Global Entrepreneur and Talent of AIESEC in Bucharest) was nice enough to write a few words about our partnership!

“The collaboration between AIESEC Bucharest and Whyttest started two years ago and in the past year we developed the skills of four international students.I value this partnership a lot because the people from Whyttest are very open minded, they always take good care of all the processes we are doing together and I honestly see this collaboration going strong for quite a few years.I see this company growing disruptively in the next years and it’s gonna be one of the top players in Romania and not only.”

Thank you, Denisa! We really appreciate it!


Proof that we’re doing a great job together, we did an interview with our latest teammate recommended by AIESEC, Camila Mendonca. Check it out!



Though January seemed like an uneventful month, we started the year with lovely Camila from Brazil as our international exchange colleague, whom we welcomed with warm arms and if you are curious enough to find out more about her background, passions and what she thinks, please check the following interview!

Welcome to Team Whyttest, Camila!

A.: Tell us about yourself and your international experience.

Camilia Mendonca: Hi! I’m Camila Louise Mendonça (my last name is pronounced like “Mendonsa”), I live in a small city in the countryside of Brazil, Sao Paulo state. I have a degree in Web Systems Development.

I’m a cat lover, christian and trying to be a Java developer. I love drawing and reading, my favorite author is C.S. Lewis and I love both Marvel and DC comic books/movies, my favorite music genre is rock and my favorite rock band is Skillet.

A.: How did you choose to come to Romania and what drove you to apply for QATesting?

Camilia Mendonca: I applied to this position through the AIESEC portal, this is an organization where young people can participate on an exchange program working abroad.

When I applied for the opportunity as a Game Tester at Whyttest, I wasn’t paying much attention to the country where it takes place. I was like “An experience as a Game Tester in another country? Awesome!”, because my first intention when I started my graduation course in Systems Development was building a career as a Game Developer.

So I made some research about Romania and I found that this is a very nice country, then I made my decision to apply for this position.

A.: What do you think about Whyttest?

Camilia Mendonca: This place is awesome! I feel at home here – people with similar interests and nerd references everywhere! And everyone here cares about each other, which is the most important thing in my opinion.

A.: What was the first videogame you ever played?

Camilia Mendonca: It was Super Mario World, I was 7 years old when I started playing it on my cousin’s videogame. I only got my first console when I was 14 (a PS1), and my first decent PC in my first year of college, on which I used to spend the weekends playing World of Warcraft – For the Horde!

A.: What skills do you need if you want to adapt when working abroad?

Camilia Mendonca: I believe that the most important thing is to understand and respect the other country’s culture, this way you’ll be able to adapt to a foreign working environment.

A.: What do you like the most/the least about Romania?

Camilia Mendonca: When I go to other places, I like to pay attention to the architecture. This is one thing that I liked very much about Romania, I enjoy the way that the old and modern constructions blend in Bucharest.

Until now, the only thing that bothered me a little about Romania is the way that waiters treat the clients in most establishments, some of them are even rude. In Brazil they would be in trouble if they act like that with clients.

A.: What are the biggest differences you see between Romania and Brazil?
(environmental, socio-cultural)

Camilia Mendonca: Since Brazil is a very huge country, there are many differences from one place to another, so I’ll focus on the characteristics of the region that I live (northwest of Sao Paulo).

In my opinion the weather is one of the biggest differences, in Romania the seasons are well defined (very cold during winter and very hot during summer), it doesn’t happen where I live – the temperature varies between 15 and 40 degrees Celsius, most of the year it is around 30. The landscape is also pretty different too, there are no mountains in the region that I live, the landscape is mostly streams and sugar cane plantations.

One cultural difference that I paid attention here is the interaction between the young and the elderly, I’ve been to some places in Romania and the older people seem to not like the younger ones. Where I live we interact with almost every elder as they were our grandparents, and so do they.

A.Last but not least: 3 things that you can’t live without?

Camilia Mendonca: God, family (my cats included <3) and true friends. These three things define the core of my being.



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